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Are you tired of struggling to fix those pesky divots on your golf course? Look no further! In this article, we’ve rounded up the best divot tools on the market that will make your divot repair experience a breeze. Get ready to elevate your game with our top picks for the perfect divot tool.

The Top 10 Best Divot Tools

  1. Oakmont Divot Tool by HomeWetBar — Custom Ball Marker — Elevate your golf game with the HomeWetBar Oakmont Custom Divot Tool, featuring a magnetic wood ball marker engraved with your chosen design for effortless identification.
  2. Michigan Wolverines Team Golf Tin Gift Set: Divot Tool & Ball Markers — Show off your team spirit on the green with the Michigan Wolverines Switchfix Golf Divot Tool & Ball Markers, now available in a stylish tin set — the perfect gift for golf enthusiasts!
  3. Minnesota Wild Switchfix Divot Tool & Golf Chip Set — Repair the greens and elevate your golf gift game with the Minnesota Wild Switchfix Divot Tool & Chip Set, featuring a switchblade mechanism and versatile poker ball marker!
  4. Collegiate Ball Mark Repair Tool with Custom Divot Tool Design — Revive your golfing experience with the patented Team Effort Missouri Tigers CVX Ball Mark Repair Tool, featuring a 19° angle, ergonomic design, and collegiate trademarks for ultimate comfort and style.
  5. 40-Divot Golf Tool Display with Acrylic Cover & Cherry Finish — Organize your divot tools with style and precision — the 40 Golf Divot Tool Display by Cherry, a custom-made USA piece boasting three chic finishes to suit any aesthetic, keeping your repair tools safely stowed and effortlessly convenient.
  6. Jef Apex Snap Action Divot Tool — The Jef World of Golf Apex Snap Action Divot Tool in Blue is a reliable and durable accessory for golfers seeking an easy and efficient way to repair divots.
  7. Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Black: Premium Divot Repair Utility — Experience ultimate durability and professional performance with the Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Black, a 100% genuine Cameron Product direct from Titleist, designed by top touring pros and perfect for greens maintenance.
  8. Oakley Golf Divot Tool for Quick and Easy Repair — Elevate your golf experience with Oakley’s Golf Divot Repair Tool, a versatile and durable Zinc Alloy design made for precise divot repair and customized ball-marking.
  9. Team Effort Minnesota Vikings Divot Repair Tool — Officially licensed, ergonomic, and precise CVX golf ball repair tool with 19-degree angle, convex curve, and two collegiate-embossed ball markers for effortless and comfortable divot repair.
  10. Team Golf NCAA TCU Horned Frog Switchfix Divot Tool — Score big with style on the green: This Switchblade Divot Tool combines a lightweight aluminium blade with a durable ball marker to show off your team’s spirit.

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Oakmont Divot Tool by HomeWetBar — Custom Ball Marker

Oakmont Divot Tool by HomeWetBar - Custom Ball Marker | Image

Repair your favorite golf course in style with the HomeWetBar Oakmont Divot Tool, complete with a custom engraved wooden ball marker. Its magnetic design allows the tool to easily attach to any club or golf bag, ensuring that it’s always within reach when you need it most. With dimensions of 3 inches by 1 inch by 4 inches, this handy gadget is perfect for golfers of all levels and makes a thoughtful gift for avid golf enthusiasts.

Keep your divots in check and show off your personal style with the Oakmont Divot Tool.

Michigan Wolverines Team Golf Tin Gift Set: Divot Tool & Ball Markers

Michigan Wolverines Team Golf Tin Gift Set: Divot Tool & Ball Markers | Image

Ever since I started getting into golf, I’ve been on the lookout for a stylish and practical golf gift set. The Michigan Wolverines Switchfix Golf Divot Tool & Ball Markers are just that! A classy round tin set with a retractable divot tool and two die-struck markers inside, it’s the perfect gift for any golf enthusiast.

One of my favorite features is the switchblade mechanism on the divot tool, which makes it super easy to use and repair greens after a shot. The double-sided removable magnetic ball markers are another bonus, ensuring I’m always prepared to mark my ball and putt.

As a Michigan Wolverines supporter, I love showing off my team spirit while on the green with this set. It’s a great gift for holidays, Father’s Day, and special events, and it has definitely elevated my golfing game. Highly recommend it!

Minnesota Wild Switchfix Divot Tool & Golf Chip Set

Minnesota Wild Switchfix Divot Tool & Golf Chip Set | Image

I recently got my hands on the Team Golf Minnesota Wild Switchfix Divot Tool & Golf Chip Set, and I must say it’s a pretty neat gift for golf enthusiasts. The tin set has a classy look, perfect for any golf course.

What stood out to me was the inclusion of the Switch Fix Divot Tool and Golf Chip. The divot tool has a switchblade mechanism for easy repair of greens, and the double-sided removable magnetic ball marker is quite handy.

Additionally, the poker style chip ball marker has a removable ball marker, which is useful for keeping track of your score on the course. The enamel finish with a nickel color gives the set a premium feel.

However, the dimensions of the set, at 6" x 4" x 4", can make it a bit bulky for some golfers. But overall, it’s a great gift for any golf lover and a must-have tool for the course.

Collegiate Ball Mark Repair Tool with Custom Divot Tool Design

Collegiate Ball Mark Repair Tool with Custom Divot Tool Design | Image

I’ve been using the Team Effort Missouri Tigers Cvx Ball Mark Divot Repair Tool on the golf course lately, and I must say, it’s been a game-changer. The unique 19-degree angle and convex curve of the repair tool ensure I’m making the correct forward motion to fix those pesky ball marks. The ergonomic design with contoured rails and textured indent for thumb placement makes for a comfortable grip, even during those long rounds.

What really sets this divot repair tool apart is the inclusion of two stylish, iron-stamped ball markers with team trademarks. This official collegiate product adds a touch of fandom to every round, making it a great gift for golf enthusiasts and casual players alike. The magnetic front keeps your ball marker secure, so you can easily switch between markers without any fuss.

40-Divot Golf Tool Display with Acrylic Cover & Cherry Finish

40-Divot Golf Tool Display with Acrylic Cover & Cherry Finish | Image

If you’re searching for a sturdy and elegant solution to store and showcase your golf ball repair tools, look no further than this divot tool display. It is meticulously crafted in the USA, boasting the ability to accommodate roughly 40 divot tools. This handy tool display is available in three stylish finishes: cherry, walnut, and black. The black finish comes with a sleek grey felt background, while the cherry and walnut finishes feature a charming green felt backdrop.

One noteworthy aspect is its dimensions, measuring 15.5" in width and 16.5" in height. However, it is essential to take note that the maximum height for a tool placed in this display is 3 1/4", ensuring optimal organization and visibility.

This divot tool display is undoubtedly an eye-catching addition to any golf enthusiast’s collection, and it comes with a few convenient features, such as a protective acrylic cover and an included instructions manual for effortless assembly. Users have generally been impressed with the quality of the product, with an average rating of 4.7 stars based on 3 reviews.

However, it is worth mentioning that some users found minor drawbacks in the product. One reviewer suggested that the instructions for shield installation and wall hanging could have been more inclusive, while others appreciated the professional customer service offered by the manufacturer.

In summary, this divot tool display is an excellent choice for golfers seeking a practical and visually appealing storage solution for their repair tools. With a variety of finish options and its sturdy construction, it is no surprise that this product has garnered positive feedback from its users.

Jef Apex Snap Action Divot Tool

Jef Apex Snap Action Divot Tool | Image

The Jef World of Golf Apex Snap Action Divot Tool in Blue is a fantastic addition to any golfer’s toolkit. This easy-to-use divot tool is designed to quickly repair divots, making it perfect for use during a round or at the driving range. It also comes equipped with a handy ball marker that can be attached directly to the tool — a convenient feature for busy golfers on-the-go.

Constructed with durability in mind, this divot tool is built to withstand regular use. Plus, its unique snap action feature ensures that it opens with a simple touch, offering a seamless and effortless divot repairing experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Jef World of Golf Apex Snap Action Divot Tool in Blue makes maintaining the course a snap. Its stylish blue finish is a bonus, adding that extra touch of personality to your golf bag. Overall, this is an excellent investment for any avid golfer looking for a reliable and effective divot repair tool.

Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Black: Premium Divot Repair Utility

Scotty Cameron Pivot Tool Black: Premium Divot Repair Utility | Image

Experience the perfect blend of form and function with the Scotty Cameron pivot tool. As a golf enthusiast, I’ve found this divot tool to be a game-changer on the greens. The tool’s sleek design provides more leverage when repairing ball marks and is environmentally sound for the greens.

One of my favorite features of this black pivot tool is its simplicity. It’s easy to use and carry in your pocket without any hassle. The slightly curved design makes it a great companion for your Scotty Cameron putter. As a result, I can now fix ball marks with ease and confidence, leaving the greens in pristine condition.

However, the one negative aspect I’ve encountered is that this pivot tool is a bit pricey compared to other similar tools on the market. Despite its cost, it remains a high-quality product that’s well worth the investment for any serious golfer.

In conclusion, the Scotty Cameron pivot tool is an exceptional choice for anyone looking to improve their golfing experience. It’s stylish, functional, and adds a touch of class to your game.

Oakley Golf Divot Tool for Quick and Easy Repair

Oakley Golf Divot Tool for Quick and Easy Repair | Image

Imagine stepping onto the golf course with confidence, knowing you have the Oakley Golf Divot Repair Tool in your pocket. This little device is just what you need for those pesky divots that make your shots difficult. The 16.0 Green Fork with Ball Maker Silver is not only stylish but also practical, featuring a zinc alloy construction that ensures durability.

One of the highlights of this tool is its ball maker silver, which allows you to mark your balls easily. The compact design also makes it perfect for golfers on the go. But beware! This tool is quite heavy and might cause some discomfort when you try to carry it around. Additionally, the silver color might result in some scratches after a while.

Despite these minor drawbacks, the Oakley Golf Divot Repair Tool comes with a hefty price tag. Some customers have found it excessive and prefer tools from other brands with a lower cost.

Overall, if you’re willing to spend a bit more for a reliable and stylish divot repair tool, the Oakley Golf Divot Repair Tool 16.0 Green Fork with Ball Maker Silver FOS900975 is a great option.

Team Effort Minnesota Vikings Divot Repair Tool

Team Effort Minnesota Vikings Divot Repair Tool | Image

As a fan of the Minnesota Vikings, having an officially licensed divot repair tool made my golfing experience even better. The CVX repair tool, measuring about an inch by 3.25 inches by 0.5 inches, uses a 19-degree angle and a convex curve to help in fixing ball marks correctly. Its ergonomic design has custom contoured rails for comfortable finger placement and a textured indent for secure thumb placement. The magnetic front securely holds the included iron-stamped ball markers, embellished with the Vikings’ trademark.

In my experience, the CVX repair tool made fixing ball marks a breeze, and the magnetic front kept the markers secure during play. However, I noticed that the tool was a bit longer compared to standard divot tools, which made it a bit more challenging to store in my golf bag. Overall, I would highly recommend this officially licensed CVX repair tool for any golf enthusiast and Vikings fan.

Team Golf NCAA TCU Horned Frog Switchfix Divot Tool

Team Golf NCAA TCU Horned Frog Switchfix Divot Tool | Image

I’ve been using the Team Golf NCAA Switchfix Divot Tool TCU Horned Frogs, and it’s been a real game-changer for my golfing experience. This divot tool is not just functional but also adds a touch of personality to your golfing gear.

The switchblade mechanism is a clever design that makes it easy to use, and the lightweight aluminum blade is a plus. The soft grooved handle ensures a comfortable grip, which is important when you’re out on the green.

The double-sided removable magnetic ball marker is a thoughtful addition that adds convenience. Overall, it’s a great tool for golfers who want to show off their team spirit.

Buyer’s Guide

A divot tool is a versatile and essential accessory for every golfer, helping them maintain the course and perform their best. It’s a small but powerful gadget designed to repair ball marks, smoothen out rough patches, and keep the greens in top shape. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll discuss the crucial features to look for when buying a divot tool, provide recommendations for considerations, and offer general advice on how to choose the right one for your needs.

Important Features

When selecting a divot tool, pay attention to the following features to ensure it meets your golfing needs and expectations. These include materials, usability, and style or design elements such as color or branding options. Each of these aspects plays a role in the durability, functionality, and satisfaction you’ll get from your divot tool.


A divot tool should be constructed from durable materials that can withstand the wear and tear it will encounter on the golf course. Stainless steel is a popular choice due to its strength, resistance to rust, and longevity. Other high-quality materials include aluminum, titanium, or composite materials with similar properties. The tool should also be lightweight and easy to carry, making it more convenient for frequent use.


Efficiency and ease of use are crucial when assessing potential divot tools. Look for designs with ergonomic handles that provide a comfortable grip, even during long or demanding rounds of golf. Some tools offer adjustable or interchangeable heads, providing the flexibility to handle various tasks around the course. Additionally, a divot tool should have a sturdy, well-built structure that can handle repeated use without bending or breaking.

Style and Design

Lastly, your personal preferences or preferences of the brand you support may influence your purchase of a divot tool. The tool’s style, color, and logo can showcase your personal taste and contribute to the overall presentation of your golfing gear. Furthermore, some golf enthusiasts may appreciate having a divot tool with matching or complementing colors to other golfing accessories they already own.


What is a divot tool?

A divot tool is a small device designed to repair divots or small depressions in the grass that occur during play, typically used in golf courses. It consists of a small, sharp blade usually made of carbon steel, which can be pushed into the ground to lift and fill the divot with soil or grass. Some divot tools also come with additional features such as a built-in seed dispenser or a brush for smoothing the repaired area.

Divot tools are essential for maintaining the quality and playability of the golf course and can also improve the overall gaming experience by providing a seamless, level playing surface. They typically come in various sizes, styles, and materials to adapt to different preferences and playing conditions.

What are the main components of a divot tool?

The primary components of a divot tool include the body, blade, and handle. The body is often made from durable materials like metal or plastic to withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The blade is the main tool for repairing divots and is usually made of carbon steel to ensure sharpness and longevity. The handle is designed for comfort and ease of use, often featuring ergonomic shapes and textured surfaces for a secure grip.

Some divot tools also have additional features like a seed dispenser, which allows users to plant new grass in the repaired divots to improve the grass coverage and overall appearance of the golf course. These seed dispensers are typically integrated into the handle or the body of the divot tool and may require separate storage or refilling.

What factors should be considered when choosing a divot tool?

When selecting a divot tool, consider factors such as the blade size and shape, materials used, and additional features. One should choose a blade size that suits their preference and golf course requirements. A larger blade can be more effective in repairing larger divots but may also be more difficult to maneuver for smaller hands or on tight spaces.

Materials like carbon steel offer excellent durability and sharpness, while plastic handles provide a lightweight and affordable alternative. Some divot tools are designed to be multipurpose, combining blade repair with seeding or smoothing functions. Determine which features are the most important for your needs and choose the divot tool that best fits your preferences and budget.

Is there a difference between carbon steel and plastic divot tools?

Yes, there is a difference between carbon steel and plastic divot tools regarding their performance, durability, and cost. Carbon steel divot tools generally offer better performance and durability due to their ability to maintain sharpness and resistance to rust and corrosion. The blade’s hardness and sharpness make it suitable for repairing a wide range of divot sizes, and it is a popular choice among professional golfers and maintenance staff.

On the other hand, plastic divot tools are a more affordable alternative and can be a good option for casual golfers or those who prioritize lighter materials. Plastic divot tools may not be as durable as their carbon steel counterparts, but they still perform well in repairing smaller divots and offer a smoother grip. Overall, the choice between carbon steel and plastic divot tools depends on personal preference, budget, and the specific needs of a golfer or golf course.

Are there any safety concerns when using a divot tool?

When using a divot tool, it is essential to remember safety precautions to avoid accidents or injuries. One should always keep an eye out for surrounding golfers and avoid using the divot tool in high traffic areas. Pay attention to the layout of the golf course and avoid stepping into hazards or unstable obstacles.

Additionally, it’s crucial to maintain the sharpness of the blade and avoid attempting to repair or modify the divot tool while using or storing it. Proper handling and storage of the divot tool, such as keeping it clean, dry, and in a safe place, can help prevent accidents and prolong the life of the tool. By following these safety precautions and using the divot tool responsibly, golfers can enjoy a safer and more efficient golfing experience.

What are the general usage tips for a divot tool?

To get the best results when using a divot tool to repair divots, follow these general usage tips: Approach the divot from a perpendicular angle, and position the blade at a 45-degree angle to the grass. Push the blade into the ground firmly, lifting and filling the divot with soil or grass. For larger divots, additional pressure may be required, while smaller divots can be repaired gently.

If using a divot tool with a seed dispenser, ensure you are properly positioned and use minimal pressure to distribute the seeds evenly over the repaired area. Avoid over-seeding, as this may lead to uneven growth or create an unsightly appearance. After repairing the divot, use the brush (if available) to smooth the repaired area and restore the grass’s natural texture.

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